Workshops for Mountain Dulcimer

  • Ensemble Classes: Arrangements for 2 dulcimers, baritone, and bass
  • Soprano and Baritone Duets: Parts for soprano and baritone in D
  • Repertoire for older adults: Song tunes and program planning ideas
  • Modes and Scales: Learn tuning and songs in 4 major modes (Mixolydian, Ionian, Aeolian, and Dorian
  • Learn three game changers with the 1.5 fret:  Play in Dm, Incorporate half steps, and Play in the Key of G
  • Focus your Fingers: Learn where to place your fingers and create a home base for working out phrasing for smoother playing
  • Crossing the Celtic Land: Discover music from the six Celtic nations, (Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany)
  • Play Well with Others: Arrangements and arranging skills for mixed ensembles, dulcimer tab, chords, and melody instruments
  • Mindful Practice leads to an Enjoyable Performance: A powerpoint presentation for tips and techniques in sharing your music.
  • Build A Strong Foundation: Learn tunes through a musical approach by playing melodies, chords, and then tablature.
  • Traditional Notation: Learn how to play by reading traditional music notes.
  • Playing by ear: Move away from the tab by starting with simple tunes by ear
  • DAA: Explore the traditional playing of the dulcimer in DAA tuning, learning the noter style and beautiful parallel chord harmonies
  • Shape Note Hymns on the dulcimer: Play 2 and 3 part hymns arranged in the style of William Walker's Southern Harmony
  • The World of Wales: Learn the beautiful airs and lullabies from the land of Wales.
  • Celtic solos and duets: Jigs, hornpipes, and O'Carolan tunes arranged for one and two players.
  • DGD: Play songs arranged in a beautiful full sound of DGD tuning
  • Waltzes around the World: From ancient harp tunes to Spain and North America
  • Black Spirituals: Songs and history of black spirituals arranged in fingerpicking, flatpicking, and traditional strumming styles
  • Decorate your tunes:  Learn how to add hammer-ons and pull-offs to embellish your melodies
  • Classy Dulcimer: Learn adapted arrangements of classical tunes
  • Appalachian Christmas:  Christmas tunes from the Appalachia
  • Becoming Capo"able": using the capo to change keys in existing tunes and reading tab written for capo'd songs
  • Gospels Galore: Traditional Gospel tunes arranged for solo, duo and ensemble
  • Right Hand Workout: Focus on getting more out of the right hand with arpeggios and fill-ins
  • Songs of Thanksgiving: Collection of songs appropriate for the Thanksgiving service or season
  • Easy as 1-2-3 or I-IV-V: Hearing chord changes, a sequential approach.

Review from participant in Illinois Winter Dulcimer Weekend Workshop:

Thanks for sending it. Your workshop couldn't have been more perfect for what I needed next in my journey with the dulcimer!!!!!!! I have already introduced new music but even so much more important new ways of playing music together to both of the groups I play with. And they are loving it!!!!! I can't thank you enough for moving us forward into this direction!!!! I personally have been needing this for quite some time!. I also am hoping to come to the comfort and care workshop in July. Beckie and I have already gone through the training for Hospice care and knowing more from you about how to use our dulcimers in these settings will be an enormous help. Thank you so much for all you do to make dulcimer playing beautiful and meaningful!!!! Blessings, Kate


augusta 2011 class


Spring Dulcimer Week, Augusta 2011


dulcimer u 2013

Dulcimer U, Comfort and Caregiving, 2013

Brevard NC

Brevard Dulcimers, 2012


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