Celtic Passages CD/DVD - CD/DVD set

Chattering Magpies: Celtic Passages

$20.00 CD/DVD Combination 

When Chattering Magpies decided it was time to start consideration for their first duo recording, fate connected them with videographer Dan Boone, who found the airy, celestial sounds of the Irish flute and harp, and the rhythmic combination of the whistle and mountain dulcimer a perfect match for his beautiful video collection of nature scenes, from waterfalls to icicles, shot from various locations across the state of Kentucky. This collaboration culminated in "CELTIC PASSAGES," a unique Celtic audio CD recording and relaxation DVD that treats the viewer to a sensory journey of all seasons. With backgrounds in music therapy, Lorinda and Greta are taking this product not only to Celtic music fans, but also to individuals and hospitals, and other places of healing in their ongoing efforts to use music as a catalyst for health and wellness. In addition, based on their own familial experience, they are donating a portion of each sale to colon and ovarian cancer awareness and prevention funding.

  1. Rose In The Heather/Tar Road To Sligo/Tripping Up The Stairs (MP3 Sample)
  2. Battle Of Aughrim/Pretty Little Dog
  3. All The Way To Galway/Crucaharan Cross
  4. The Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig (MP3 Audio Sample)
  5. Bridget Cruise
  6. Chanter's Tune/Gunn Lament
  7. Cameron Highlander/Boys of Bluehill/Sean Ryan/Peg Ryan
  8. Easter Snow
  9. Pay The Reckoning/Munster Buttermilk/Munster Bacon
  10. Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
  11. Maid of Feakle/Chattering Magpies
  12. The Morning Thrush
  13. Carolan's Concerto
  14. Last Pint
  15. Arran Boat Song

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